Mask Performance

Alexandra has run mask performance workshops for community and academic groups including Workman Arts, Scarborough Arts, Boston University, AR2U, and highschools in the GTA, as well as artist collectives. She offers introductory and professional level workshops for all levels of performance and mask experience. Alexandra’s teaching style focuses on building participants’ artistic voice and confidence through play, skill development, and exploration. Workshops can range from a couple hours to several weeks depending on the needs of your group. Alexandra is also available to act as an outside eye for new theatrical and performance works. 

Mask Building

Alexandra has run mask building workshops for community and artist groups including Workman Arts, Scarborough Arts, and Project Humanity. She has built masks for several ATC productions including Rhino Lassies, Finding Home, Pest Me Pet Met, Care, and In Search Of, as well as other new works including The Giving Tree (Trellis Arts) and There is No Word for Wilderness (Lisa Hamalainen).

Alexandra’s mask building workshops start with a focus on character development and narrative, and then move into design and building techniques including sculpting, painting, and finishing. Her workshops offerings include mask building in paper mache and Worbla and can be accessible to different age groups and abilities. 

If you are interested in organizing a mask building or performance workshop for your group please email: [email protected].