Our Dora award-winning Theatre for Young Audiences show returns May 18-20 to the Harbourfront Centre!


A Dora award winning theatre company creating original and experimental new works

Show reviews

NOW Magazine:
“Johnson and Simpson are an exciting new clown duo whose progress will be fascinating to follow”

Mooney on Theatre:
“Upstream Downtown is a show that makes use of many different elements to achieve its effect, and it pulls it off perfectly.”

The Theatre Times:
“Upstream Downtown… is an enjoyable theatrical romp as tightly packed with relevant social and political import as a can of discount-aisle salmon is packed with dubiously-attained, gruesomely murdered fish-bodies.”

The Young-Howze Theater Journal:
“We have seen a ton of mask work and even I didn’t know that this was all the work of two people…The most skilled performers can effectively transform into anything. Johnson and Simpson are two such performers!”

NOW Magazine:
“Hosted by a pair of ferocious imps (Alexandra Watt Simpson and Morgan Johnson) who directly address the audience and introduce each new chapter with irresistible giddiness, Blood+ Soil unfolds in a series of breathless scenes depicting living-room symposiums and town hall meetings.”