Staying Sociable

Staying Sociable: A How-To Guide for Besties in a Pandemic. by Animacy Theatre Collective.

A How-to-Guide for Besties in a Pandemic!

Sojo and Beagle in Staying Sociable: A How-to Guide for Besties in a Pandemic, Animacy Theatre Collective. A brand new Animacy (amateur) Production on a very, VERY important topic: Hanging out with your best buds pandemic style. Get all the HOT tips on staying emotionally social while physically distant! Know the buzz on keeping it cool while keeping your drool to yourself! Raise spirits, flatten curves!! Shot, acted, directed, produced, edited and reshot-because-the-first-shot-was-blurry by the bourgeoning clown filmmakers Sojo and Beagle on their trusty 2017 smartphones. What? You say, clowns can’t be filmmakers? You bet your red nose we can.

Want to get sociable with Sojo and Beagle?

Let us know how you’ve been socializing with your besties covid-style in the comments below. You can also share your activities with us by tagging Animacy Theatre Collective in your food porn posts or living room dance parties. Sojo and Beagle just might give it a try! SUBSCRIBE to get all the juicy new tricks. New episodes posted (maybe probably) weekly!


Episode #1: How-To Bake Cookies
Episode#2: Workout Together
Episode#3: Karaoke
Episode#4: Tying Knots

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