Pest Me Pet Me

Pest Me Pet Me. Animacy Theatre Collective Workshop Production.

World Premiere at the Ottawa Undercurrents Festival

Animacy Theatre Collective

Feb 10 – 12, 2023

Created and performed by Morgan Brie Johnson and Alexandra Simpson

Directed by Justin Miller 

Stage Management by Caitlin Farley

Mask by Alexandra Simpson

Photography by Kathryn Hanson,

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Lock your trash bins and oil your drain pipes. Raccoon is QUEEN in the city. Pest Me Pet Me follows two raccoons who face off with two female roommates undergoing a suspicious renoviction from their downtown apartment. United by ongoing compost bin wars and raccoon Instagram funerals, the two species find themselves with more in common than previously thought. Pest Me Pet Me is a horror-comedy that explores themes of displacement, female rage, and housing and work precarity in urban cities through a unique raccoon-human relationship. Through a mixture of mask, clown, and magic realism, the show reflects on what ‘home’ means in cities that increasingly create immense challenges to sustainable and long term residence and explores the pressures a capitalist system puts on femme bodies and relationships.
Special thanks to Brian Quirt for dramaturgical support and Heather Marie Annis for directing our 2020 workshop of this show.
Animacy Theatre Collective graciously acknowledges the support of the Toronto Arts Council, Ontario Arts Council and the Artscape Backstage Program.


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