Conference of Care: Balancing Act, Animacy Theatre Collective.

Created by Morgan Brie Johnson, Peyton Lebarr and Alexandra Simpson. Mask by Alexandra Simpson

Care is a research-based, collectively-created play that tells the story of several individuals who are involved in different kinds of care work, including: education, health care, parenting, activism and social work and based on interviews with care workers in Ontario. Our group was feeling overwhelmed by stories of care during the Covid-19 pandemic. Care for us was not only an undeniable theme and struggle during the global health crisis but also touched our own lives in various ways as parents, caregivers, teachers, and artists. This project seeks to address these experiences and asks: in a world that is increasingly polarized and precarious, how do we care for each other (better) and what role does gender play in this work? 

Care had a workshop performance at Public Energy Performing Art’s Erring Festival May 6 to 8 and May 13 to 15, 2022 with support from Public Energy and A Conference of Care, supported and hosted by Balancing Act Canada November 18, 2022. 

Animacy Theatre Collective graciously recognised the support of the Toronto Arts Council.

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