Donate to GO Fund Me Campaign

There is No Word for Wilderness GoFundMe Campaign

Help us increase the accessibility of this production: Donate to our GoFundMe Campaign!

We are very grateful for the support this production has received from the Toronto Arts Council’s Animating Toronto Parks program, which has covered our production costs and ensured all artists working on the project are being compensated fairly.

Why do we need your support?

To increase the accessibility of this production

We are working with accessibility consultant Jessica Watkin to learn more about the ways in which we can make this production more accessible to both Deaf identifying and Blind identifying audience members. One of our goals is to provide at least one performance during the run that includes ASL (American Sign Language) Interpretation, and one performance that integrates Audio Description.

Help us meet this goal! Your contribution will ensure we can hire the consultants, Interpreters and Audio Description Service providers to make this happen. Their collective professional fees will total approximately $3,500.

This initiative is the beginning of ATC’s commitment to increased accessibility; an ongoing learning process which will continue far beyond There is No Word For Wilderness.