Pest Me Pet Me


Work in Development 

Created by Morgan Johnson and Alexandra Simpson

Lock your trash bins, hide your food and spike your drain pipes: Raccoon is QUEEN in the 6ix. In a surprising Frankenstein twist, the Ford-era of Toronto — with its renovicting landlords, rising rent costs and increasing precarity for workers — has amassed enough garbage to bring forth a formidable new enemy. Hell hath no fur(r)y like a raccoon scorned.

The story begins when two raccoons make a dangerous voyage to downtown Toronto. The raccoons come face to face with two female roommates, Megan and Alison, who are in the midst of their own housing crisis. With rent increases, working hours cut and minimum wage at a standstill till year 2025, Megan and Alison dive deep into dumpsters, money making schemes and unlikely friendships in order to survive the city. United by ongoing compost bin wars and raccoon Instagram funerals, the two species find themselves with more in common than previously thought, blurring the boundaries between of wild/domestic, pests/pets, and nature/culture. Pest Me Pet Me explores the gritty, in-between spaces that highlight preconceived notions of urban homemaking and call into question the normalization of certain cultural perceptions that surround gender and species.


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